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How AI Can Elevate your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

AI Digital Art created by 7.29.23 for the article How AI Can Elevate your Affiliate Marketing Strategy
AI Digital Art created by 7.29.23

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming work across industries but for savvy affiliate marketers, these same technologies promise to elevate their craft to the next level.

A recent McKinsey Global Institute report predicts up to 45 million U.S. workers may need to switch occupations by 2030 as automation and AI adoption accelerates (McKinsey, 2022,2023). Routine tasks like production, administration, and service roles face the highest risk.

However, as companies automate repetitive work, new opportunities are emerging for affiliates who harness AI's potential while combining it with human strengths.

According to a recent McKinsey Global Institute report, while technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent chatbots, and machine learning algorithms will replace many routine, repetitive human tasks, they will also create new types of skilled jobs (McKinsey, 2022). Major tech companies are already hiring for high-salaried roles supporting their AI development. For example, Netflix posted a job opening for Product Manager, Developer Platform with a salary up to $700,000.00 (

The McKinsey analysis estimates that up to 24 million new jobs could emerge from AI and automation adoption by 2030 globally. These emerging roles include positions like AI specialists, data analysts, robotics engineers, user experience designers, and healthcare professionals providing personalized services as automation handles more routine medical tasks. So while many repetitive, manual jobs will inevitably be automated away, there will also be new, well-compensated careers harnessing the power of AI to take on complex challenges. The humans managing and working alongside advanced AI systems will likely become some of the most valued professionals and experts in their fields. But this transition will require retraining and support for displaced workers (McKinsey, 2022,2023).

Priscilla Nuñez with Generative AI Affiliates™ states, unlike transactional jobs displaced by technology, affiliate marketing thrives on building relationships and connecting people to relevant products. AI powers key analytics, but human skills convert insights into sales.

Brands already use AI chatbots as affiliates engaging customers at scale. Yet the most effective affiliates blend this efficiency with an authentic human touch. Machine learning also optimizes ad targeting and conversions for target demographics.

Some computer-generated virtual influencers promote products to their AI-enabled followings. Human creativity, such as the human Voices Influencers ®, shape these personas people connect with (, 2023).

As routine work gets automated, affiliate marketing allows entrepreneurs to creatively leverage AI, while focusing on the irreplaceable human element.

Adapting to an AI-powered world requires lifelong learning, says McKinsey (McKinsey, 2022,2023). For affiliates, this means actively integrating new technologies to refine their approach, says Nuñez (, 2023).

While automation may displace some jobs, for prepared affiliate marketers it will unlock new potential. By fusing automated solutions with human ingenuity, affiliates will thrive at the forefront of the workforce of the future.


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Disclaimer: This article includes AI-generated content meant for inspiration and informational use. Additionally, the author has used a digital art platform to create a unique image - 7.29.23. The author has contributed original writing, reviewed, edited, and approved any AI extracts - 7.30.23.

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