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Microsoft Bing Shopping Ad Campaign Management for Affiliate Marketers

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Bing Shopping Ad Campaigns for Affiliate Marketers
Bing Shopping Ad Campaigns for Affiliate Marketer Blog Post AI Digital Art by 9.18.23

As an affiliate marketer in competitive niches, standing out is a constant battle. While most affiliates focus solely on Google ads, Bing Shopping ad campaigns represent an overlooked opportunity.

Shopping ads showcase your affiliate products visually while users have buying intent. This connects affiliates with high-converting traffic.

This guide will explore how affiliate marketers can leverage Bing Shopping ads to promote affiliate offers and maximize commissions. We’ll cover:

  • What Bing Shopping campaigns are and how they work

  • Benefits of the shopping ad format for affiliate e-commerce

  • Optimizing your product data feed and campaign

  • Advanced techniques to improve performance

  • Tips for affiliates to succeed with Bing Shopping

Let’s dive into this untapped strategy for affiliate promotion and traffic acquisition!

Introducing Bing Shopping Campaigns

Bing Shopping campaigns display your curated affiliate products directly in search results when users search for related product keywords.

For example, if a shopper searches “men’s running shoes”, your selected men’s running shoe affiliate offers can show. When clicked, the user sees a dedicated product page highlighting that shoe before clicking again to your site.

This ad format captures high-intent users already seeking a specific product like “minimalist 4K TV” or “PS5 console”. Product relevance is predefined in your feed.

To set up, simply provide a CSV feed of affiliate product data including title, image, description, price, and more. Bing dynamically serves aligned products as ads.

Your affiliate links get shown to interested searchers without needing to bid on individual keywords. And you pay only when products are clicked, making it a low risk to test.

Benefits of Bing Shopping Ads for Affiliates

What makes Bing Shopping advantageous for affiliate e-commerce?

  • Visuals entice clicks - Images make products recognizable and appealing. Helps affiliate offers stand out.

  • Optimized for purchases - Users searching for a particular product have high intent. Primes them to buy through your link.

  • Low barrier to start - Can launch with minimal effort using existing affiliate product feeds. Fast to set up and test.

  • Built-in targeting - Products automatically display for searches they're relevant for based on catalog data. Don’t need to predict keywords.

  • Valuable insights - Robust reporting shows impressions and clicks per product. Optimize accordingly.

Pro Tip: Differentiator - Most affiliates overlook Bing shopping ad campaigns. You can corner untapped demand.

  • Website traffic - Shoppers who don't buy first click still gain familiarity with your site for future purchases.

  • Support - Microsoft Advertising provides dedicated support during peak sales periods to optimize campaigns.

Bing Shopping ads represents an easy onboarding point into the paid search for e-commerce affiliates. And the potential to capture high-converting product-focused traffic makes testing very appealing.

Optimizing Your Affiliate Product Feeds

The key to success with Bing Shopping is providing a clean and compelling product feed. This ensures your affiliate offers align to user search queries and display attractively.

Follow these best practices for your affiliate product data feed:

  • Use accurate product titles - Include important keywords naturally describing the product that users may search for.

  • Write robust descriptions - Share details on product features, specs, and selling points to compel clicks.

  • Show high-quality images - Use manufacturer provided images on white backgrounds at 1000px wide if available. Shows products clearly.

  • Set competitive pricing - Research typical pricing for segments across affiliate offers. Price competitively.

  • Identify brands and sellers - Include the brand name and seller of each product. Helps clicks and conversions.

  • Categorize properly - Accurately assign product categories so feeds align to relevant search queries.

  • Tag condition - Label products refurbished, used, open box, etc. Bing only shows applicable matches.

  • Link to affiliate product pages - Send clicks to your final affiliate offer page, not general category and homepage links.

  • Add promotions - Flag any discounted, coupon, or limited-time promotions to attract deal-seeking Bing users.

  • Update availability - Keep the feed updated by marking out-of-stock or discontinued products so inactive offers don’t show.

Regularly refine your feed with these optimizations, and you’ll capture greater visibility for your affiliate products matched to buyer keywords.

Advanced Optimization Tactics

Along with a stellar feed, additional optimizations can boost Bing Shopping's performance:

  • A/B test creative - Try different descriptions, images, and titles to determine what makes products more “clickable”.

  • Refine targeting - Adjust geotargeting, demographics, and negative keywords to focus the budget on profitable traffic.

  • Filter products - Create custom labels to include or exclude specific products from different queries.

  • Adjust bids - Increase bids on priority products driving conversions. Reduce bids on poor performers.

  • Promote top sellers - Boost budgets on consistently high-converting offers during key retail seasons.

  • Leverage promotions - Take advantage of sitewide sales, coupon codes, or cashback offers by featuring them prominently in product listings during peak seasons.

  • Review impression share - Assess impression share reports to uncover missed searches where your products could display.

  • Analyze conversions - Check which affiliate products drive the most conversions to double down on their visibility through feed optimization and bidding.

  • Retarget engaged shoppers - Create remarketing campaigns tailored to users who already interacted with your Bing Shopping ads.

Constantly testing and optimizing based on performance data is crucial for growing traffic and commissions.

Important Metrics for Affiliate Bing Shopping Ads

Be sure to actively monitor Bing Shopping campaigns for affiliate marketing metrics to identify opportunities:

  • Impressions - Total impressions for your products. Assess product-level impression volume.

  • Clicks - Overall clicks, as well as clicks per specific affiliate product.

  • Clickthrough rate - Ratio of clicks to impressions. Check both overall CTR and individual product CTRs.

  • Average CPC - Your average cost-per-click. Used to determine return on ad spend.

  • Conversions - Purchases and other goals like email signups from your links.

  • ROAS - Return on ad spend calculated based on conversions generated vs. cost.

  • Impression share - % of impressions you captured out of the available impressions for your targeting. Low share indicates room to improve feed, bids, etc.

Regularly analyzing this data helps inform optimization decisions to boost conversions through Bing Shopping ad campaigns.

Tips for Affiliate Success with Bing Shopping Ads

To recap, here are tips to maximize your affiliate ecommerce efforts on Bing Shopping:

  • Focus on core search network initially - Concentrate budget on shopping ads placements on Bing core search results pages before expanding into other display channels.

  • Run Google Shopping too - Cover both major search engines for maximum scale. But start with Bing given lower competition currently.

  • Pick “in-market” affiliate products - Promote affiliate offers for products people proactively search for like consumer electronics, apparel, tools etc. Avoid untargeted impulse purchase affiliate offers.

  • Optimize landing pages - Send traffic to your final affiliate offer page so visitors can easily click again to purchase rather than intermediate pages.

  • Add negative keywords - Block irrelevant queries not converting to protect budget.

  • Review auction insights - Check impression share and rank data to identify higher-performing competitors informing optimizations.

  • Be patient - Let tests run sufficiently long to accumulate statistically significant performance data before assessing and changing variables.

  • Follow seasonal trends - Monitor peaks around holidays, events, and cultural seasons for promotion opportunities.

With rigorous testing and refinement guided by your campaign analytics, Bing Shopping ads represent an appealing opportunity for affiliates to scale their paid advertising and unlock incremental conversions.

Give Your Affiliate E-commerce a Visibility Boost

As more affiliates flock to paid search, standing out gets harder. But overlooked channels like Bing Shopping enable tapping new high-converting traffic sources.

Bing Shopping campaigns offer an easy entry point into paid search to complement affiliate SEO efforts. And the combination of flexible, automated product targeting and motivated buyers searching for specific items makes it a perfect fit.

Hopefully, this guide provided a roadmap to optimizing your affiliate product feeds and promotions for greater visibility and commissions on Bing Shopping.

Test the tactics discussed here, track performance diligently, and iterate - a winning formula for maximizing this unique opportunity for your affiliate marketing e-commerce business.

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