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The Definitive Guide to SERP Features for Affiliate Marketers [SERPs Part 1]

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

SERP Features for Affiliate Marketers AI Digital Art by 10.5.23
SERP Features for Affiliate Marketers AI Digital Art by 10.5.23

As an affiliate marketer, getting traffic to your site or landing page is important for generating those coveted conversions and commissions. Traditionally, SEO has been focused on ranking highly in the organic search results. However, over the years, search engine results pages (SERPs) have evolved to include various other features beyond just the 10 blue links.

These SERP features, also referred to as search features or rich results by Google, have become an increasingly important part of any affiliate marketing strategy today. By better understanding these features and optimizing for them, you can gain more prominence and clicks on high-traffic SERPs.

Key Takeaways:

This definitive SERPS guide will provide affiliate marketers with a deep understanding of all the prominent SERP features to leverage in their campaigns. We'll cover what each feature is, where it appears, how to optimize for it, and tips to maximize its impact.

Featured Snippets

What is a Featured Snippet?

A Featured Snippet is essentially a summary of the most relevant part of a webpage, displayed prominently at the top of Google search results. It aims to provide a direct answer to the searcher's query without needing to click through to a website.

A Featured Snippet contains:

  • A title - Usually extracted from the H1 or title tag of the source page

  • A description - Taken from the most relevant section of the source content

  • A URL - The source page

  • An image (optional) - If present on the source page

Here's an example of a Featured Snippet for the query "how to start a blog":

Where Does It Appear?

Featured Snippets can appear in Position #0, above the first organic search result on mobile and desktop.

On mobile, it occupies the entire screen:

On desktop, it appears on the right side of the first result:

Featured Snippets may also show up when you expand a "People Also Ask" question box.

Maximizing Featured Snippets for Affiliate Marketing

Featured Snippets present a major opportunity for affiliate marketers to gain prominent SERP visibility and clicks. When optimizing content, focus on identifying high-volume buyer questions that your affiliate offers can comprehensively answer through natural FAQ and step-by-step guide formats. Incorporate relevant graphics, structure content clearly with headings, highlight affiliate product names appropriately, and use schema markup to help search bots understand the purpose. Conduct competitor research to find gaps and regularly publish fresh snippet-optimized content around commercial keywords. Build internal and external links to these pages, and accelerate discovery through paid promotion on PPC and social. With data-driven optimization informed by tracking clicks and rankings, Featured Snippets provide affiliates a shortcut to surfacing their content and offers for valuable commercial queries.

Consider Local Packs

The Local Pack provides an important opportunity for local and regional affiliates targeting geographic keywords to gain visibility and clicks. Appearing in the Pack requires ongoing optimization through tactics like maintaining a complete and accurate Google My Business listing, earning credible customer reviews on various platforms, implementing schema markup on your website, and building local links from directories and geo-relevant sites. For affiliates specifically, incorporate office locations or service regions in Local Pack listings, and point the listings to targeted landing pages highlighting affiliate offers rather than just the website homepage. Refresh these listings periodically with updated messaging around seasonal promotions, events, or trending local topics. Monitor Local Pack rankings routinely, especially for priority keywords, to ensure you maintain presence for competitive searchers. Prominent placement in the Local Pack lends critical visibility and surfaces your brand to high-intent local searchers. Capitalize by running concurrent paid promotions and partnerships around the localized affiliate offers you surface. With consistent optimization and promotion, Local Pack placements can become a steady source of conversions and leads from localized affiliate content.

Reviews for Affiliate Marketers

Customer reviews have become ubiquitous across Google's SERPs and profiles, lending immense credibility to brands and listings. As an affiliate marketer, actively cultivating credible reviews should be a cornerstone of your strategy. Make review collection a seamless part of the post-purchase experience through follow-up emails and feedback forms. Strategically showcase reviews off-site using badges and widgets to build social proof. Incentivize genuine reviews through discounts or rewards for verified buyers, carefully following Google's guidelines. Publicly respond to feedback showing you value customer perspectives.

For affiliate marketers specifically, install tracking pixels on your review platforms to attribute conversions driven by searchers engaging with reviews of your brand. Analyze review content itself to uncover recurring feedback about affiliate partner products and programs. Surface this intel discreetly to partners to improve the services you promote. Repurpose highly positive reviews into social testimonials and ads to boost visibility. Compare review volume on critical SERP features like the Local Pack against top affiliates in your niche and aim to match or surpass it. Reviews build immense trust and credibility for affiliate brands in the buyer journey. But beware fake reviews - consider limiting review rewards to verified purchasers only. With ongoing review generation, promotion and analysis, affiliates can continuously improve customer sentiment, fortify SERP presence, and ultimately drive more high-quality conversions.

Knowledge Panels

Generative AI Affiliates Pro Tip 🎯 Earning a Knowledge Panel may seem out of reach for most affiliate marketers, as Google reserves these panels for established public figures, brands, and entities. However, with a long-term, strategic approach, leading affiliates can build the authority and recognition to gain this coveted placement. For personal brands, ensure your bio pages and profiles provide consistent entity-level information across the web. Slowly accumulate extensive citations and local and industry directories over time. Likewise, build out robust web presences for any affiliate product brands, reinforcing them as legitimate entities through structured data, social media pages, and reviews.

For those who achieve Knowledge Panel status, inclusion lends tremendous credibility and visibility. Capitalize by monitoring click-through rates on panel links and optimizing lower-performing sections over time. Keep product imagery, descriptions, and specifications updated to maintain relevancy. Discreetly add affiliate links where appropriate, like a "Shop this brand" link leading to your eCommerce site. Proactively request and compile positive customer reviews to display prominently within your brand's panel. The Knowledge Panel enables leading affiliate brands to reinforce their authority directly in premium SERP real estate. While difficult to obtain initially, over time, this placement can tremendously amplify product visibility and conversion potential.

Affiliate Marketers consider FAQs and People Also Ask What are FAQ Results and People Also Ask? FAQ results (frequently asked questions) and People Also Ask boxes help searchers find answers to common questions related to their query without needing to click through to websites.

FAQ results display formatted questions and answers directly in the search results, like this: People Also Ask boxes list related questions, and expand to show answers upon clicking: Where Do FAQ Results and People Also Ask Appear?

FAQ results and People Also Ask boxes typically appear above the main organic listings for informational queries where clarification may be needed. On mobile, they occupy the full first screen: On desktop, they'll be on the right side of the first few results: This prominent placement allows searchers to quickly get answers without needing to click into a site. How Can Affiliate Marketers Rank for FAQ Results and People Also Ask? Google wants to display questions that are clearly relevant to searchers in these features. To rank:

  • Conduct keyword research to identify common informational questions and pain points around your offers.

  • Directly incorporate those question phrases into FAQ-style content on your site. Format them as questions using schema markup for clarity.

  • Answer questions thoroughly but concisely. Include visuals for complex topics.

  • Promote your FAQ/educational content through links from other pages and outreach to build authority.

Maximizing FAQ Results and People Also Ask for Affiliate Marketing Appearing in these features establishes your site as an authority on buyers' questions:

  • Place affiliate links strategically within informational content, but avoid looking overly promotional.

  • Monitor click-through rates on specific questions. Expand or improve answers for low-performers.

  • Stay on top of new questions that may arise based on trends and current events. Address them rapidly with new or updated content.

  • Promote new FAQ content through social, email subscribers, etc. to build clicks and feedback.

FAQ and People Also Ask placements are a huge opportunity for qualified traffic. Answer buyers' questions better than anyone else.

Related Searches What are Related Searches? Related searches are suggested alternative queries that searchers may find relevant. They appear as clickable links below the primary search results.

Each related search link contains the query itself along with daily search volume data: Where Do Related Searches Appear?

Related searches are almost always shown at the very bottom of the search results page. Their position is fixed there.

On both mobile and desktop, you have to scroll down significantly to find them: How Can Affiliate Marketers Leverage Related Searches?

Related searches tend to be underutilized, but provide low-hanging fruit for affiliate content:

  • Scan related searches for promising commercial keywords relevant to your niche.

  • Identify high-volume questions people are asking around your offers and create content pillars targeting those topics.

  • Click related search links yourself to analyze the SERP landscape and difficulty of ranking.

  • Build links, social shares, etc. to optimize pages for ranking on those related search terms.

Maximizing Related Searches for Affiliate Marketing Populating related search results expands your SEO footprint:

  • Create comparison guides, long-form reviews, explainers, etc. optimized around high-potential related searches.

  • When you rank for a related search term, promote that content extensively to capitalize on the existing search volume.

  • Analyze your rankings report regularly for new related search opportunities as Google's algorithm shifts.

  • Group related keywords into campaigns in your tracking platform to isolate their conversion performance.

Leveraging related searches provides a smart way to extend your reach through search engines.

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