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Generative AI Affiliates • Founder Bio



Priscilla Nuñez, the Founder of Generative AI Affiliates™, is a powerhouse of knowledge, experience, and innovation. Her impressive accomplishments and commitment to pushing boundaries have been pivotal in cultivating excellence in AI communities, Generative AI Affiliates™, and affiliate marketing management initiatives. Her strategic insight, extensive experience, and relentless drive for innovation continue to play a significant role in fueling the organization's expansion and enhancing its stature.

Over the course of her twenty-year career in the Adtech/MarTech sector, Priscilla has perfected her skills in affiliate marketing strategies, affiliate partnership relations, business management, stakeholder relationships, and product branding. Her vast professional experience is enriched by her academic endeavors in natural language processing and conversational AI clinical research, completed at the prestigious University of Michigan's UMSI program, where she earned her bachelor's degree. This unique blend of industry expertise and academic knowledge provides Priscilla with an in-depth comprehension of Generative AI and Affiliate Marketing Management complex domains.

Recognized for her ability to cultivate professional communities, Priscilla has successfully facilitated strategic alliances and consistently delivers high-value resources and affiliate marketing content. Her focus on learning through member activity is a testament to her learner-centric approach. With Priscilla Nuñez at the helm, Generative AI Affiliates™ is truly in the hands of an industry maverick.


Education and References

Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures (MEV), Central Michigan University
Coursework: Business Entities and Contracts, Corporate Venture Capital, Enterprise Growth Strategies, Enterprise Deal Structures and Contracts, Enterprise Risk and Recovery Management, Equity Crowdfunding Strategies, Entrepreneurial Acquisitions and Exits, Initial Public Offerings, Intellectual Property and Patents, New Venture Formations, Financing, Governance, Pitching and Planning, Venture Portfolio Development and Management, Private Equity and Venture Capital Environments


Bachelor of Science in Information (BSI), University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI)
Concentrations: Conversational AI (NLP and NLU) Clinical Research and Development - Independent Studies, Data Science, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, UX/UI Design

• Lead Researcher, UMSI UX/UI TechSmith Snagit Capstone
• Presented Lightning Talk on Voice AI Search Engine Optimization - Looking Beyond Conversational AI Simplified Search

2020 & 2021 CMU New Entrepreneurial Venture Competition Award Recipient (AI/ML - NLP/NLU and Voice Search)
UMSI Capstone: Lead researcher received the Best Product Management and Best UX/UI award


Brandon Rohrer's AI/ML lead admin and translator -

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